Safty Edges   Model:SAR70EL-24V

The SAR70 Series are top of the art safety light curtains for lifts.

  • EN-81 compliant
  • Relay output N.O or N.C
  • Robust construction
  • 3 years warranty


Safty Edges   Model:SAR70EL-CF


  • EN-81 compliant
  • No moving cables
  • Patented

Photocell   Model:PHAID

The PHAID is a single beam photocell designed for use in lifts for door protection.

    • Operation range 0 to 4.5m
    • Unaffected by misalignment
    • Relay output N.O. and N.C.
    • Easy mounting

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Access control   Model:CODL

The CODL is an access control lock designed for lifts.

  • 6 Independent channels
  • 4 Digit code for each channel
  • Metal (vandal proof) keypad
  • 12V-24V AC/DC

Access control   Model:CRD-4

The CRD4 is a four channel access control card reader

  • 4 Independent channels
  • Relay output for each channel
  • Metal (vandal proof) housing
  • 14 – 24V DCm

Access control   Model:IBUT8

The IBUT8 is a digital unique key access system for lifts.

  • Up to 320 unique access keys
  • Up to 8 input sensors
  • 4 to 99 access groups
  • 10-24VDC

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Emergency Light   Model:ECONO

The ECONO is a high efficiency emergency light system for lift cars. The system combines light unit and an optional emergency power supply.

  • During an emergency one lamp is lit for up to four hours
  • Over 75% energy saving
  • Battery charging indicator
  • Long battery shelf-life

Voice Announcer   BACK TO TOP

Voice Announcer   Model:DBRSR

The DBRSR Voice Announcer is a microcomputer based message enunciator for lifts.

  • Clear sound quality. [HI-FI]
  • Up to 32 messages
  • Up to 6 auxiliary messages
  • Build-in Gong unit

Weigh Control System   BACK TO TOP

Weigh Control System   Model:DROIL2

The DROIL2 is a load-weighing device for lifts

  • Full load indication – Red LED
  • Overload indication – Red LED, Buzzer
  • Easy calibration
  • Easy installation

Communication System   BACK TO TOP

Communication   Model:ELCOM

The ELCOM is a lift communication system designed to allow two-way communication between the lift car and the machine room.

  • Two-way car to machine room communication
  • Good sound clarity
  • Operates on 12V
  • Low current consumption

Displays   BACK TO TOP


The DISDOT is a Dot Matrix Alpha Numeric Position Indicator for lifts that can be used to display position, as well as direction, and messages. The display characters and arrow can be configured to be static or scrolling.

  • 20 X 7 Dot-matrix
  • Two Alpha Numeric Characters
  • Field Programmable
  • Messages and arrows scrolling


The DM2M2 is a 2” (53mm) dual character dot matrix position indicator for elevators. The DM2M2 can display direction and programmed messages as well as position.

  • Yellow Blue Red display
  • Supports up to 32 floors
  • Field programmable
  • Messages and arrows scrolling


The DM1M1 is a single character 31 mm high Dot Matrix Alphanumeric Position Indicator for lifts

  • Single character dot matrix display
  • Displays alphanumeric characters
  • Character height 31 mm
  • Field programmable


DISP48 is a message display that can be used to display position, as well as direction, and messages. It has twelve Alphanumeric characters.  DISP can be extended up to 48 Alphanumeric characters by adding three slave PCBs

  • Up to 48 Alpha Numeric Characters
  • USB programmable

General   BACK TO TOP

General Model:STD

The STD is a braking device for door operators designed to slow down the motion of elevator doors at the end of the opening or closing cycle to create “SOFT” opening and closing motions thus preventing potential impact damage.

  • Soft Stopping Device for Elevator Doors
  • Solid State Device
  • Simple Mounting
  • No External Power Supply Required

General Model:GONG-ST

The GONG-ST is a small arrival gong sounder for elevators. The GONG-ST is designed to drive a small speaker at the landing.

  • Arrival gong sounder for the landings
  • Adjustable sound level
  • Pluggable terminals
  • Sound intensity does not depend on speaker wire length 

General Model:DDAB

The DDAB is designed to issue a “beep” each time a call from the car or from the hall is registered by the lift controller.

  • EN81-70 compatible
  • Only one unit required per COP
  • Easy to install

General Model:VDOOR

The VVVF Door Operator Upgrade Kit (VDOOR) provides control to old 3-Phase door operators, thus easly converting them into modern VVVF door operators.

  • Slow, soft closing without door slamming
  • On-site adjustable closing/opening speeds
  • Eliminates frequent adjustments
  • Simple installation

General Model:HK-200

The HK-200 is an emergency door opening system, which open the elevator door during a power failure and allows passengers to leave the lift safely and easily.

  • Emergency door opening
  • Opens door only in front of door zone
  • Battery over charge and over discharge protection