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Model: VITA

VITA - Lift Control Panels

TALINOR LTD. is an established manufacturer of lift controllers, that has been supplying controllers to the lift industry for over 20 years. Our controllers support all types of lifts.

VITA family - Key Features

  • EN81/20 or EN81/1-2

  • MR - MRL option

  • implex, Duplex or Group Lifts

  • Up to 1.8 m/s

  • Up to 8 floors (parallel) / 32 floors (serial)

  • Quick 5 parameters setup to run the lift

  • Modular Design for maximum flexibility

  • Plug&play pre-wired for both parallel (FDC8) or Serial (FL168)*

  • 2 years full warranty

Vits solid elevator control panel cloud.

Our controllers comply with EN81-20/50 , EN81-1/2+A3, EN81-72, EN12015, EN12016 and EC Type-Examination.

Traction VVVF - VITA Solid

  • Fuji Frenic Lift LM2 HHD VVVF inverter

  • Solid-state technology

  • Synchronous & Asynchronous machines

  • Open and Closed loop

  • All Encoder types (HTL/TTL/SinCos/EnDat)

  • Built-in UCM device

  • Drive support by Talinor

Elevator Control Panel
Elevator Control Panel

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VITA VVVF - Lifts control panel
VITA VVVF - Lifts control panel
VITA VVVF - Lifts control panel
VITA VVVF - Lifts control panel
VITA VVVF - Lifts control panel
VITA VVVF - Lifts control panel
VITA VVVF - Lifts control panel


Elevator Control Panel
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Elevator Control Panel
Contactorless control panels
  • No Motor Contactors!
  • No Brake Contactors!
  • No Car door Contactors!
  • No Rendering CAM Contractors!
in compliance with EN81-20
Talinor Elevator Control Panel TL168 STO

Traction VVVF

No Motor Contactors

With Brake contactors

Fuji Lift LM2

Cabin size 800X500

Talinor elevtor Hydraulic control panel.

Traction VVVF - ECO 

Talinor two speeds elevtor control panel

Traction - Two speeds

Motor Contactors

Brake contactors

Fuji ACE

Cabin size 800X600



Talinor Hydraulic elevtor control panel.
Talinor Hydraulic elevtor control panel.


Talinor Hydraulic Soft starter elevtor c

Hydraulic - Soft starter


Hydraulic - iValve

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MRL Configuration:

  • All control panels are available in MRL configuration

    • All in one

    • Frame MRL​​


Talinor MRL elevtor control panel.png

The VITA family has a standard cabin size

Up to 4KW - 15KW Traction VVVF

Up to 9KW - 27KW Hydraulic 


Elevator Control Panel

500mm  / 250 mm (depth)