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Model: Trent

Low Rise-Low Usage Lifts (LRLU)

Trent lifts are the ultimate solution for buildings with low vertical traffic. This quality,  robust lifts can be installed in various configurations to satisfy all low rise – low usage vertical transportation demands.

  • Equipped with Talinor Electronic Controls

  • Supported Directly by Talinor

  • Quality Robust Lift Approved by Talinor 

  • Support and Advice With Rapid Response Time

  • Easy and Fast Installation 

  • Detailed Instillation Documentation by Talinor

  • Attractive Price

  • EN81-41



The lift for offices, homes, guesthouses, nursing homes,
clinics and buildings with low vertical traffic


Enhances accessibility and comfort


Increases building’s market value 


Attractive price with low maintenance costs



  • Suitable for public use

  • Up to 400Kg

  • Up to 4 floors

  • Automatic or manual car door

  • Automatic or manual landing doors

  • Accurate stopping at landings

  • Impressive stainless steel full height COP

  • Call registration buzzer

  • Position indicators in the
    car and main landing

  • LED car lighting with auto
    switch off

  • Variety of interior finishes

  • Variety of floor finishes

  • Stainless steel handrail

  • Half mirror 

  • Talinor advanced electronic control panel

  • Low operation noise

  • Fire-rated landing doors, fire rating of the building is not affected

  • In case of electric power cut-off the lift continues to work normally for down calls only

  • Low power consumption
    (£37 per year, average

  • Low annual maintenance contract cost


  • EN81-41 compliant

  • Max load 400Kg

  • Hydraulic lift 2:1

  • Speed 0.15m/s

  • Motor power 2.2KW, single-phase or three-phase.

  • Blain valves

  • Rapture valve

  • Safety gear

  • Hand pump

  • Manual lowering

  • Automatic travel (SAPB) or push to go travel

  • Automatic re-levelling with open/closed doors

  • Fault finding software

  • Fault log

  • Installation mode (temporary) travel

  • Inspection mode travel

  • Fire recall travel

  • Suitable for small shafts

  • Compartment of 1200X600X600mm required for the power unit

  • Options:
     1. UPS for opening automatic
         doors during power cut-off
     2. Speech unit 
     3. DDA compliance
     4. Remote monitoring
     5. Structure shaft


  • Emergency stop button
    in the car

  • Alarm siren

  • Telephone in the car

  • Emergency car light

  • Optical safety edges for car door protection

  • Door open button to reverse closing door

  • Landing calls disable
    key-switch to prevent
    children playing  with the lift

  • Automatic re-leveling
    for accurate stopping 

  • Over-weight protection
    with in-car indication

  • Free-fall protection,
    EN81-41 approved 

  • Normal down travelling during electric power

  • In the case of non-electric power fault, trapped passengers can be released  by  lowering
    the  car to the bottom floor

Building Requirements

  • Power: 1X240VAC, 16A

  • Separate lines, (MCB protected), for power and lighting

  • Pit of up to 200mm

  • Headroom 2300mm

  • Compartment for the power unit 1200 x 600 x 600mm

  • Entrance hatch:
    (C.O. +240)x2210[mmxmm]
    C.O.=clear opening

Fitter Information

  • Plug&Play – fast installation

  • Supplied as a complete kit

  • Pre-wiring with plugs

  • Step by step detailed instructions
    and electrical drawings

  • Guides supplied in pre-assembled  sections of 2.5m

  • 2-piece piston available

  • Telephone assistance during installation

  • Talinor control panel with advanced fault finding software

  • Installation services available

Engineer Safety

  • Triangle unlocked bottom landing door remains unlocked​

  • Stop button in the pit

  • Stop button on car top

  • Prop in the pit

  • Inspection travel commands
    from the COP

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