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Image by Jason Dent

Model: ZEUS

Construction Hoists Controllers

ZEUS - Construction Hoist Control Panels

The Control Panels - Car & Enclosure

Construction hoist control panel designed especially for the challenging needs of a construction hoist


  • Simple to use and easy to learn

  • 24/7 Extensive Technical Support

  • Short Lead Time

  • 2 Year Full Warranty

  • Full Documentation, Hard Copy & CD

  • Quality Steel Cabinet

  • Competitive Prices

​Construction Hoists Control Panels

Our controllers comply with EN12159+A1

Construction hoist controller
Construction hoist controller

Main Features:

  • Dedicated construction hoist controller designed and manufactured Hardware and Software by TAL Engineering

  • Number of floors: Up to 99 floors

  • Speed Control: Fuji LIFT VVVF  HHD - Closed loop

  • Traveling modes: 
    Stop at next landing -  automatic travel with car calls priority
    Operator man only from the car
    Valet contro
    Release from final limit switc
    Drop-test, automatic greasing

  • Car calls: Stop at next landing

  • Landing calls: Registered calls or Stop at next landing

  • Floor counting: Metal sensor with fixed cam

  • Car (entrance / exit) locks: Electromagnetic locks

  • Landing Locks: Mechanical locks

  • Control panel: 1xCar and 1xEnclosure

  • Control: Hoist control with advanced diagnostics dedicated for hoists

  • Features:
    Automatic lowering on high-speed wind
    Automatic shut-off on high ambient temperature,Automatic Greasing with empty grease indication

  • Special features:
    Full load/overload,
    “Gate open” buzzer
    Motor temperature input​

  • Standard additions:
    Emergency light
    Position indicator in car​


  • Optional:
    Access control​​
    Remote monitoring

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