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Commercial Lifts

Equipped with Talinor controllers and equipment

We supply complete package lifts

for diverse lift projects

Residential Buildings Public Buildings Heavy Duty Lifts Car Lifts Goods Lifts Fire Fighters Lifts Home Lifts

Talinor supplies complete lift packages from outstanding European lift manufacturers with Talinor’s controllers and electronics incorporated in each lift. The mechanical parts of the lifts are approved by Talinor and are manufactured with the highest quality materials. The controller and electronics manufactured by Talinor guarantee quick commissioning and support directly from Talinor and not from a non UK manufacturer.

All types of lifts are available and special mechanical designs can be supplied.
As experts in our field we provide on-time delivery, a quality product and comprehensive after-sales support to
ensure your full satisfaction.

Every lift project is handled from order to supply by Talinor’s specialist lift engineering team, under strict quality assurance control to ensure you get what you want.

  • Equipped with Talinor controllers and equipment

  • Support directly by Talinor

  • Quality Lifts Approved by Talinor 

  • Support and advice With Rapid Response Time

  • On Time Supply

  • Detailed Documentation by Talinor

  • On board remote monitoring

  • Standard low cost lifts are available

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