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The Ultimate Solution

for vertical movements


Talinor focuses on the design, development and manufacture of quality lift control panels and lift electronic peripherals along with supplying complete lifts, and lift machines to the lift industry.

TL6 Elevator control board.png

Our Technology

Contactorless & Noiseless control panels

  • No Motor Contactors!

  • No Brake Contactors!

  • No Car door Contactors!

  • No Rendering CAM Contractors!

  • in compliance with EN81-20


VITA VVVF - Lifts control panel.jpg


500mm  / 250 mm (deep)

Elevator Control Panel

Complete lifts 

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Controller short

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Controller long

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Superior Support

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Remote support by Virtual Engineer

Like having a TALINOR engineer on every site. Virtual Engineer APP provides continuous monitoring of the lift during commissioning, maintenance, and fault time.

Vits solid elevator control panel cloud.

24/7 Telephone Support

Feel free to connect us by phone, WhatsApp, Skype, email, and APP. 


Spare parts 

As a major supplier of lift controllers, we carry sufficient spare parts to ensure replacements are available to meet any requirements. Our aim is to provide the best possible quality, value & service to the UK lift industry.

Physiotherapists Training

Training Days

Register yourself and join our training days. Get informed about product news and benefits. 

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